Getting on the top of Google is Very Hard but it’s not impossible. I Have Founded these 5 Free Tools that will Help you to figure out your mistakes and these will guide you what to do And how to Get Ranked Fast.

#1 Quick Sprout Analyzer

This is my one of favorite and recommended Free Tools. This tool Breakdown and tell you everything and even walk you through how you can fix errors on your website/blog.

  • Just Suppose you have some wrong keyword in your Blog post this plugin will tell you the keywords that fit on your post.
  • You are using Short Description or no Description this plugin will walk you through the best way to fix Description.
  • This tool will show all of your UnOptimized Images and Optimized images.



#2 Yoast SEO Plugin

This is the best SEO plugin for WordPress that will change your life. This tool helps you to rank in google and there are many other features in this plugin. This plugin has a free version and a paid version and believe me these Both are Awesome.

  • With this plugin, you can see Content State.
  • This plugin Shows SEO Status of your Post.
  • This Plugin allows you to Make XML Sitemap.




#3 Google Search Console

To be Honest, if you are not using Google Search Console then I don’t think ranking in Google will be Easier because this tool helps to submit your sitemap for Google Index

  • Search Console helps to Index in Google.
  • Search Colscole Figures Errors in Website/Blog.
  • Search Colscole Shows you Top pages.




#4 GooglPagespeed Insights

Websites with long waiting time get a high Bounce rate use PageSpeed Insights to Check Website Speed. Website Speed Extremely matters to visitors check your website speed and see why your website is slow.

    • Pagespeed insights divide the website speed into 2 parts.
    • Pagespeed insights Show Load Speed for Mobile and Desktop Separately.
    • Pagespeed insights help to check the hosting Speed.



#5 GooglTrends

Out or Ideas or still not ranking use Google Trends to see whats trending in the market and write articles on that topic that are trending these days. This is the best tool to see whats trending the Globe wide.

  • With Google Trends you can see trending topics Worlds Wide and Even you can Target only one country.
  • Google trends Allow you to check the trending topics with separate categories.
  • You can see the Fig chart to see trend rate.
  • With the help of Google trends, you can find trending topic that fits on your niche Blog.


Google Trends

Wrap Up:

Getting Ranked in Google is Hard But with these 5 Tools, you can rank in Google very fast. Again I am saying if Your Website has Good Content and your website Speed is Poor Then you are going you get a higher bounce rate and if you have Good  Website Speed then the visitors will become your Unique Visitors. Please try to Improve your Website Speed this is the factor that matters to Rank.