Creating a Website is not that hard these days due to the Website builders and CMS out in Market but getting traffic isn’t easy, You have to do a Hard work to engage your visitors into returning visitors.

Hi, My Name is Ali and in this Article, I will tell you my Personal ways to increase my Blog Visitors. Before getting Started I wanna explain types of Traffic

Types of Traffic

There are many types of traffic I am not going to list every possible type of traffic but I will list the most common and the traffic that comes on our daily basis

  • Direct Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Organic Traffic
  • In Organic Traffic

Direct Traffic 

This is the most common type of traffic that we face on our daily basis now the first question the comes in in mind is that why we named this as direct traffic just suppose I have 3 friends named as John, Sara, Karter we were in college and I introduced my New Website to my friends and Sara visited my website by direct web address now this type you visit is counted as Direct traffic.

Referral Traffic

This is a well-known type of traffic, Just suppose as I said above I have 3 friends named as John, Sara, Karter, we were in college and I introduced my New Website to my friends and this time John asked my website address and John is a Blogger I asked him to write an article on my website and John did an article on my website now the traffic that drives from John’s Blog to my Website Link is Being Counted as the Referral traffic.

Social Traffic

This is Very Common traffic Source we use in Daily life, Just suppose I have a new website and I create a website Facebook Page and a Twitter Account of that website and I do some paid Adverts or I ask my friends to check out page and account and after some hard work, I reach a number of fan following on Facebook Page and Twitter Account and whenever I publish a link from my website to facebook page or Twitter Account the traffic drives from FB and Twitter to My website is being counted as Social traffic so I missed a little thing that every click to website from any social source is counted as Social traffic.

Organic Traffic

Before we get deeper I wanna clear you one point that some of the chemistry lovers take this Organic word to the Organic Word From the Chemistry. The word organic in Web Traffic Means the traffic comes by the search engine especially through Google. Just Suppose Karter Asked me the name of Website and he searches it on Google he found My website on the top of google he visits my website, this type of visits will be counted as the Organic traffic.

In Organic Traffic

The Every type of traffic that doesn’t come from organic source is counted as in Organic Traffic here in this type traffic we don’t have much to cover.

How to Increase Traffic

It’s time to reveal my secret how I am increasing my Blog Traffic Day by Day I will not share anything related to Keywords or Any SEO trick because I am zero at Keywords and SEO I am just passionate about to write on Tech and I don’t copy others content. I will list down everything I Believe that can help you to increase your Blog Traffic.

  • Email Marketing / Newsletter
  • Web Push Notification
  • Social Sharing
  • Cheap Paid Advertisements
  • Guest Posting
  • Physical Marketing
  • Relation With Competitor

Email Marketing / Newsletter

These days everyone Owns an Email Account and the best part is that about 92% of people use their Email for their daily needs if we have a number of people on our mailing list then we are going to make a strong bond with our visitors by the help of that email list we can do Email marketing by Sending our Products, Updates, Latest Articles and Much more into our Subscribers inbox believe me if you do email marketing of your business that you will get A lot of traffic to your website.

Web Push Notification

These days there is a most common type of engaging traffic to your website is Web Push Notifier here, in this case, the thing is little interesting the Web Push Notification is a kind of notification in which we are notified whenever the website is updated and believe me if you use a Web Push Notification Service for your website you will get a large number traffic driven to your website by the notification pushed by the website. Use can use a free Service of Web Push Notification I will recommend you to use OneSignal.

Social Sharing

We all are connected to different types of social networks if we promote our content to our social networks then you will not get traffic but if you target a community related to your website of you sell a Product that is demanding for that community then believe me you will get a lot of traffic driven to your website by these social communities. in some cases, people complain that they have promoted their content to a social group but still no traffic on their website it’s just due to that they are promoting their content to a community that doesn’t belong to their content.

Cheap Paid Advertisements

I will not recommend you to pay an agency for fake traffic or you pay to place your ads on other websites, But you can pay less for marketing in such manner, for example, I always post the link of article to my Facebook Page I can Boost that post for 5$ and I will get 100+ Clicks to that article which means Cost per Click we are paying is 0.005$ or 5 Cents. In my case I trust facebook for my paid marketing and the best part is that with the visits to my website I will also get an increase in my facebook page fans.

Guest Posting

Before starting let me explain to you what is guest posting just suppose I have a friend who runs  blog I do a post on his/her blog and I give a link to my website or my Blog is called as a guest post if you are guest posting to a blog that has a lot of traffic then you will get a number of the traffic driven through the guest post you did to another Blog.

Physical Marketing

This way to get traffic is based on our daily life, We meet daily new people and some people that we know before we can print advertising card of our website whenever we met a new person we can give him a card. Believe me, when i started blogging I got all of my traffic through physical marketing.

Relation With Competitor

We are in a market where thousands are people doing the same thing as I am doing which means we have a lot of competitors out in the market but some of them are targeted as main competitors to us if we both have a good relationship then our website is safe from the competitor and we both will help each other and we both can get good traffic by doing different types of marketing strategies.

Wrap Up

Everything Written Above is from my Own Experience I am not a Professional SEO or I don’t Spend a lot of Money on SEO and Marketing, I use Everything I Explained above to Promote my Content, And I am 100% sure if you will follow what I explained above you will increase your traffic by 55% in no time. I will only say one thing if your content is useful or you have Good Content then this Article is Very Useful. If you are disappointed with whatever I said above or you have any confusion or Just Let me Know in the comments.