Everyone Uses a Messenger APP these days, but only two Andriod and IOS apps are well-known all around the globe. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most common Messenger Apps Loved by the Million+ Users but have you Ever think about another Messenger App from Google? Yes, there is a Messenger App exists from Google named as GOOGLE ALLO.

Whats New in Google Allo

Google Allo has all the features that any messaging app comes with but the question is whats new in Google ALLO. For those with extensive document-sharing needs, Google ALLO allows you to share many Documents (.pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and .mp3) with your Contacts.

Top New Features

Google Allo

A Screen Shot From ALLO

Google ALLO has a very interesting¬†feature, A Assistant that talks to you even if you are offline. Allo’s Assistant can recognize Images Too. Google Allo provides you Fast Reply. To be Honest I Found Google Allo as the best Messaging App ever because of some specific features.

Top 5 Features Found on Google ALLO

  • You can Talk to Google Assistant Even you are offline.
  • You can Ask for Something From Google Assistant While you are texting to Your Contacts.
  • You can Draw on Images or Highlight something.
  • Google Allo Comes with Smart Replies
  • Google Allo can recognize Images, Too