There are many phones out in the market but have you ever heard a phone smallest then your thumb I know there is a Phone that works as a Bluetooth earphone.

Meet the¬†ūüĆ欆World’s Smallest¬†Phone Zanco Tiny T1, For now, it’s Just listed on Kickstarter for now but Unbox Therapy and an Indian Youtube Channel Called as Technical Guruji has received a Proto-type Review Unit.

How is this the Worlds¬†ūüĆć Smallest Phone?

We have seen many Small phones but they don’t work as a normal phone they work as a Bluetooth Earphone but this phone works like a normal phone, You can call to your contacts as a Normal Phone, You can message to your Contacts like a Normal Phone.

This Is unbelievable small WIll be Officially Launch for retail in 2018

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Functions Of Zanco Tiny T1

  • Nano Size Phone.
  • Mono Color Screen.
  • 3 Hours Talk Time.
  • 3 Days Standby Time.
  • Can sync Contacts and Music from your Phone.
  • Has a Magic Voice Changer, That can change a Voice from normal to i.e Robot.

How we can buy this Phone

For now, this phone is not officially in the market for retail but listed on Kickstarter will be available soon in 2018.